Remembering Adrienne Rich, in silence

"The study of silence has long engrossed me.  The matrix of a poet’s work consists not only of what is there to be absorbed and worked on, but also of what is missing, desparecido, rendered unspeakable, thus unthinkable.  It is through these invisible holes in reality that poetry makes its way - certainly for women and other marginalized subjects and for disempowered and colonized peoples generally, but ultimately for all who practice any art at its deeper levels.  The impulse to create begins - often terribly and fearfully - in a tunnel of silence.  Every real poem is the breaking of existing silence, and the first question we might ask any poem is, What kind of voice is breaking silence, and what kind of silence is being broken?"
—from Arts of the Possible, by Adrienne Rich, in her memory, May 16, 1929 — March 27, 2012 (thanks to John Fox and Donna)